Sunday, April 19, 2020



He was tall. Sandy colored hair that had a slight wave and poetically handsome, A Byron, a Shelley, an Ashley Wilkes.

I should have known when he said, “A movie’s too long; I don’t like miniature golf; I’ve had enough coffee today. Let’s just go for a drive.”

I should have known when he left the convenience store with a six-pack of beer. 

I should have known when he parked the car he would want more than a kiss. 

I should have known that after I told him, “No. Take me home,” he would not call again. 

peak autumn– 
the brightest shade of red
on poison ivy 
A Hundred Gourds


littlemancat said...

Beware too pretty a man who thinks a movie is too long... Lovely haiku, Adelaide. Hope that you're doing well.
Mary F.Ahearn

Peggy French said...

Really enjoyed this piece, great work

Adelaide said...

Thank you Mary. Young and naive was I .

I'm ok, holding on and writing.


Adelaide said...

Thank you, Peggy. Some memories remain vivid.