Sunday, April 14, 2019



An afternoon alone.  Children at school, husband at work.  The early spring sunshine lights up the woods across from our apartment.  From the fourth floor, looking down and across, the trees appear to be dusted with a pale green fuzz. I don boots and jacket and follow the call to get closer. 

I walk along a stream, the ground squishy with decomposed leaves. Wild primroses yellow, white, pink–small and delicate, barely noticeable in the leaf debris.  Zig-zagging my steps, the squelching mud splashes inside my boots.  The stream, clear and cold, ticks along, changing its voice as it meets rocks and fallen branches. No sounds except the stream, the snap of twigs, the cheep, cheep of an unseen bird.
woodland ramble
neither meditating
nor day dreaming;
just an empty vessel
ready to fill
LYNX winter 2014  


Gillena Cox said...

A perfect situation for a writer. Happy Easter Adelaide

much love...

Adelaide said...

thank you,gillena


Gillena Cox said...

What's your mood like today. Drop by and link a poem