Wednesday, August 15, 2018



On the way to Cape Cod we stop in New Haven, city of my birth.  The refurbished carousel at Lighthouse Point is the attraction. A mostly cloudy morning, only groups of children from day camps on the beach. Each sports its own distinctive tee shirt. No one in the water.  At low tide, the gray glassy sea spreads out flat in the distance. The pavilion housing the carousel is open, but empty.  The horses look as fresh as I remember them.  Shiny black or white, dappled grays, rich mahogany. Guilt edged benches, gleaming brass poles.  All the glitter of my youth restored.

A young woman sells me a ticket. "You have to wait for that group of campers."  She points to a bunched mass of six and seven year olds squirming in a ragged line. We take a walk away from the campers and the carousel. Unlike the pavilion, the park and other structures are worn out. Scrub grass and blown beach sand. Chipped paint and graffiti. 

                                                the lighthouse–
                                                after fifty years, smaller
                                                than memories

Back at the pavilion. "Come on," says the young woman. "That group will take all day to get organized." She turns on the carousel lights and the calliope.  By the Sea, In the Good Old Summertime, On a Bicycle Built for Two.Old songs from the pumping calliope, old even when I was a child.

                                                a lone rider
                                                on the merry-go-round–
                                                here and there a ghost

Contemporary Haibun On-line, spring 2006


Magyar said...

Deep haibun so well seen, sensed and thanked, Adelaide! Lighthouse Point!

memories are felt
kept thoughts are seen as they were
now we are what is

__ One of my favored times as a youngster, our family trips to Savin Rock (Amusement) Park! There, I feared that mechanical witch, in her glass enclosed coin-op game. A nickle would prompt her hideous cackle, the jerky wave of her arms, and a lozenge at the out chute. (In my memory)

Smiles! _m

Adelaide said...

Good morning. Magyar

I remember Savin Rock. Had my first roller coaster ride on the wooden coaster over the water Was six years and scared out of my wits. Favorite eats were fried clams and soft-shell crabs. Memories, memories.


Gillena Cox said...

Absolutely lovely haibun. Always liked the horses in at the merry go round and the bumper cars but never the high ferris wheels when the 'fairs came to town' so to speak.

ferris wheels spin-
standing on solid ground
yet my mind screams

much love...

Adelaide said...

Thank you Gillena. I would not go on those rides today, only the merry go round.