Sunday, March 18, 2018


                                                                   MY LIFE    

has been easy with husband children grandchildren and love lots of love with no problems but little ones about children’s illnesses to move overseas to buy a house and never a serious problem but days free of worry lulling me into thoughts of immunity are false for the time is now not then but now

                                                               a windless day
                                                               one by one leaves
                                                               lose their hold
Modern Haiku
autumn 2017


Sandy said...

A perfect expression of the things in life that we can't control.

Magyar said...

__ Well understood Adelaide; life, ongoing without a pause for breath.

each day
a match to light life's candle
your flame


Adelaide said...

Thank you Sandtv and magyar. Life gave me another unexpected turn. My husband is now in a nursing home. I just have to move with each turn as best I can.