Friday, October 20, 2017



A street empty of people. Just the all night diner is open. Plain, devoid of sentimentality.  A sickly greenish light streams through plate glass windows. A man sits smoking, his eyes looking straight ahead, expressionless.The woman with him appears more interested in a matchbook cover than in his company.

A third customer, a man alone with his back to us, his shoulders hunched. A faceless man in a gray suit. Behind the counter, a young man in a white uniform, a sharp contrast to the darkly dressed customers. He's busy with the dishes and appears to be speaking. Perhaps to himself. No one seems to be listening.

                                   waiting the slow hours
                                   till morning
Contemporary Haibun Online, March 2007

Edward Hopper, "Night Hawks,"
courtesy of Wikimedia


Gillena Cox said...

Each character is a loner in this night scene. Brilliant haibun Adelaide

much love...

Magyar said...

Adelaide, thoughtful verse... as we all wait.
__ Your memory enticing haibun reminded me of The Winsted Diner, on Rt44. That diner has changed considerably since I last visited there so many years ago... but it (and I) still exist. Smiles!

__ With apologies, my memory adds these two lines of the: "then."

so tied to this trying wait
the Mad River's symphony

Adelaide said...

thanks,Gillena. Sometimes,a person can be alone even in a groud,


Adelaide said...

thank you Magyar. Iove diners.In Millbrook, where I live has a great one.


Sandy said...

This brought back memories. My sister worked the night shift in a diner like the Nighthawk many years ago. I loved to hear stores about her regulars. She worried about them like family.

Adelaide said...

Diners, unlike other eating places, always seem to have a core of regulars, don't they?
Thanks for visitung


Geraldine said...

You set the scene and the mood, perfectly. Nice work. I remember places like that in Toronto, years ago.

Stopping in via Sandy's blog.😂

Adelaide said...


I hope there will always be diners.