Friday, September 8, 2017


road detour
turning off the GPS
to get lost

three hour fire log
romantic ambience
on a timer

antique car show
cool cars
hot prices

Living Senryu-
Living Senryu


Sandy said...

All three made me laugh, especially the second. I will think of this every time I see one of those logs from now on.

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Sandy. I much prefer a real wood fire, but sometimes the logs come in handy.


Magyar said...

"On The Unknown Road"
__ So well seen and said, Adelaide, it is often most fruitful to "get lost", as we've thought in senryu number one. The new discoveries and the learning in being lost, will never be "lost", they will simply add another log to life's fire; it matters little which car t is employed. Smiles!

__ 'Tis gratifying to know of you, a thinker/writer, who follows the historic guidelines of 'senryu and haiku' by not writing, and referring to all seventeen or less syllabic poetry by that single title, Haiku. (Which, of course, proves I'm "lost" on today's intellectually poetic roadway.)

hungry wolves
stalk the deerscent pathway
rising wind

Seems the wind... may save the deer. Speaking of wind, sorry to be so long-winded here. _m

Adelaide said...

I.m glad you like my senryu. I don't write as many senru as haiku, but sometimes one comes to me , either as an experience of my own or from somehing I've read imagined.

All the best

Gillena Cox said...

Luv that third haiga, made me smile (✿◠‿◠)

Adelaide thanks for dropping by my blog. The storms Harvey, Irma and Jose did not hit Trinidad and Tobago, though we experienced thunder showers during that time.

Thanks for dropping in at my blog

much love...