Thursday, April 27, 2017



An old colonial house. Ours. Cleaned, painted, polished, scrubbed and repaired.  An object on display, a star on stage, ready for the public.  Ready to be someone else's home.

We wait, out of sight and out of hearing.  What do they think, these lookers, these pokers and prodders? Will someone see its charm as we did 29 years ago?  An old lady with a few idiosyncrasies. The sloping hallway, the creak in the dining room floor, the  leak above the side door when there is a drenching rain? Will the new family be forgiving and adjust to the old lady's habits and manners?  Another sweater when winds blow through loose windows, a pot under the leak.  This old lady has so much else to offer.

From a bedroom window, rolling fairways and fastidious greens on the golf course.  Lilacs and roses on warm breezes; the maple, a canopy of gold in autumn and the envy of Midas; the transformation of the land with fresh snow.  Birds, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, chipmunks, possums.  Residents and visitors, including the occasional deer and wild turkey.

 The walls will soon hear new stories and absorb new memories.  Will they echo with happy celebrations, crowded with children, grandchildren and friends? And, when it is time for the owners to move on, will they look back, as I am, and wonder what has happened to the years?

                                                          this morning the sun
                                                          glowing in the east-
                                                          later… the west

Haibun Today, April 18, 2008


Magyar said...

main street
travels to another town
slower pace

__ I know the memories of time's rapid _race; now I seek that slower _pace. _m

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Magyar. I seek a slower pace, also. At my age, it's the only pace I can manage.


Magyar said...

__ Main Street: I may have noted in the past that... US Rt#44 is too, the "Main Street" of my home town in Connecticut. Connections.

Adelaide said...

Hi again,

Millbrook is not too far from the Conn. border. Where is Conn. do you live? We take Rt 44 to Millerton and then go just a few miles into Conn. to Kent.


Magyar said...

__ I was brought up in Winsted, but I've lived near the Cape Cod Canal since 1967. US Rt 44, is the "Main Street" of Winsted, and it begins (close enough) at Plymouth Rock. I'm on my "Main Street" at least five times a week. Smiles.
__ Millerton was, then, a well known town/area.