Friday, January 27, 2017


                                                                 A DAY IN JANUARY           

Today, I begin to remove the holiday decorations. Some have been part of my holiday celebrations since childhood, ornaments that I inherited when my parents passed away. Others are from my husband’s family. There are paper ornaments made by our children and grandchildren.  Ornaments from places we visited and from friends.

                                                                      bits and baubles
                                                                      wrapping the years
                                                                      in tissue

Haibun Today, December 2015



pdfrench said...

I really enjoyed this piece a lot, could totally relate to it.

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Peggy. Come and visit again; I appreciate your comments.


janetld said...

I could relate too, although I haven't put up a tree for at least a couple of years.

Adelaide said...

Putting up a tree just got to be too much work. I understand now why my mother stopped doing it. I now decorate with poinsettias and a few pine branches and some holly cut from my bush, that is if the birds don't get all the berries before I cut enough to fill one vase.

Thanks for visiting.