Tuesday, August 23, 2016


                                                      BEING ALIVE

 Unrelenting heat. The old man with dazed eyes accepts an ice cream. The first taste sends a flicker of acknowledgement and pleasure. Although I don’t know this man or the woman who is helping him, I feel the sting of tears.

I am afraid to see myself in his role, afraid to think of a life imprisoned by mind and body, afraid to think of needing constant care and attention.

                                                    sweat between my breasts
                                                    the unpleasant awareness
                                                    of being alive

CHO, Oct. 2013


Gillena Cox said...

We don't ever want to think that far along the way, maybe we don't need too;
very thought provoking haibun

much love...

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Gillena, for your comments.


Bill said...

A resonant moment.

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Bill. just got my computer back after beings weeks without it.