Friday, April 22, 2016


                                                       A SUNDAY WALK 

It was a No Drive Sunday because of the oil embargo. We are living in Switzerland, and, with a few friends, we walk from our village to another for lunch at the auberge.

                                                      the long hike–
                                                      golden maples
                                                      wave us on

The road is wide but rough. Mostly used for heavy farm equipment.                       

                                                      the autumn breeze–
                                                      a new layer of scent
                                                      from the auberge

We congratulate ourselves. Who needs a car? Apparently others didn't either. The parking lot has several bicycles and the dining room is full

                                                      fly out of the corn stubble–
                                                      their jeering calls
Cattails, May 2015



Gillena Cox said...

luv the natural feel of the walk haibun

A Happy Sunday to you Adelaide

much love...

Magyar said...

Grand haibun, Adelaide.
__To me it says -what once was, will always be-, and that -a simpler life, is a richened life-.
__Truth is not crudeness; -exhaust gasses of nature, are far better than the smoke(s) of burning petroleum-.

cart path
hoof prints lead both ways
wheels furrow


Adelaide said...

Thank you Gillena and Magyar for commenting and for your haiku, Magyar.

Although it was many years ago, I still remember that Sunday very clearly, one of the best.


Bill said...

A pleasure to join you on this delightful walk.

Adelaide said...

Glad to have you come along.