Saturday, October 17, 2015


                                                    A LANDMARK

For years the empty farm house and out buildings are left to fade into their surroundings. Unpicked corn provides food for birds. The stalks gradually dry up. collapse and blow away. Hay bales soak rain, become moldy, dry out, freeze, soak up more rain and slowly disappear into the soil. It is a familiar part of the scenery, this decaying farm with the crumbling buildings until one day there is nothing but bare acres.

                                                    abandoned farm house
                                                    the quiet way it goes
                                                up in flames.

A Hundred Gourds, Dec. 2013


janetld said...

Quite a surprise, where you take us at the end.

the quiet way it goes/up in flames.

Yes. Thought-provoking, Adelaide.

Adelaide said...

The burned out buildings are now the landmark.
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