Saturday, March 21, 2015


                                           First Day of Spring                                                 

                                            two-fifteen a.m.
                                            spring arrives with a yawn
                                            and a snore

                                            bird song
                                            pulling me out of a dream
                                            first day of spring

                                            haiku group
                                            the discussion stops
                                            for a robin

Chrysanthemum, Oct. 2008
Ambrosia, July 2009
Shiku Kukai, July 2012


Frank... said...

Three lovely spring haiku, Adelaide. Love the 1st one!

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Frank. Spring is delayed again. Today it is snowing and cold. Hope you are warmer.


Frank... said...

We've been very lucky, our winter has been relatively mild. Anyway, spring won't be long, in the meantime keep warm Adelaide.

Gillena Cox said...

oh!!! the las one is definitely my favourite

happy Spring

much love...

Adelaide said...

Hi Gillena,

Happy spring, to you. Today was the first warm day. It finally felt like spring, although there is still much snow on the ground.