Tuesday, October 28, 2014



Many gravestones sunken into the ground. Names barely legible.  Dutch and English names.  Family members buried near each other.  New York settlers seeking religious freedom, land, adventure, fortune.
One large headstone for three children: William, one day old; Margaret, seven months;  Jonathan, three months, each one born a little more than a year after the death of the previous child.

Did the parents try again and their fourth child live? Surely, this couple had a dream, a plan, along with courage and fear,  when they came to this raw, new land.  Did they ever find what they were seeking?  There are no other markers with the same family name.

                                           chilling wind –
                                           children on the playground chase
                                           a run-away kite

 Presence #38, Spring,2008


Frank... said...

The B&W photo harmonizes prose & haiku beautifully, Adelaide. Old gravestones, particularly unkempt ones, make me feel quite melancholy...

Adelaide said...

Thanks for your comments, Frank. Yes, old graveyards are places of melancholy and the imagination.