Friday, August 29, 2014


                                  A TRAGIC LOVE AFFAIR
He is born after his father dies and before there was a marriage. The boy’s grandfather refuses to acknowledge him publically, but agrees to provide for his education.  In exchange, his mother is to remain silent regarding the boy’s paternity. The no name boy is given a name by his mother’s brother, a name which means fighter, for that is what he will have to be.

He studies music and teaches children what he knows, organizes a small band and plays at local village concerts, parades, family celebrations and church festivals. He writes music for the church, marries and has 10 children. The child–the man–neither rich nor poor survives and remains a fighter.

                                    skinned knees and elbows
                                    the boy dives into the sea
                                    and comes up laughing

Contemporary Haibun on-line
April 2013


Frank... said...

A Very touching haibun, Adelaide...

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Frank. It's the story of my grandfather, whom I never knew, as told to me by my father.


Bill said...

A moving portrait

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Bill.