Thursday, July 3, 2014


                                                       picnic by a brook
                                                       on the road nearby
                                                       an idling truck

                                                      woodland trail
                                                      in the trees above
                                                      the pit-pit of rain

                                                      respite from the heat
                                                      we put our discussion
                                                      on hold
Stylus, 4/2007
Stylus, 10,2007
A Hundred Gourds, 6/2013


Frank... said...

A very nice sequence and photo, Adelaide. The photo's coolness contrast well with the heat of the sequence...

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Frank. Today we are having a break form the heat, but it is raining hard.


Gillena Cox said...

Discussion on hold, i am thinking, tall glasses of fruits drinks, ice clicking when the straw becomes a stirrer

Much love...

Adelaide said...

Absolutely. Tall cool drinks and nothing to do.