Monday, April 1, 2013


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                                                FIRST FLOWERS

Cold April wind.  A slow start to spring.  On again, off again warmth. 
I check the plants put in last fall.  Counting buds, looking for green shoots,  for dead stems.  My children never so scrutinized and watched.

                                           the first flowers
                                           in the garden–

Modern Haibun and Tanka Prose, June 2009


Frank... said...

Spring has arrived! Very nice post, Adelaide...

Adelaide said...

Finally the snow around my place has gone completely and daffodils are poking up.

Thanks for visiting.


Bill said...

Dandelions are good news. They don't know they're weeds. Well done, Adelaide.

Warren said...

Funny how that works, huh, Adelaide - I was out looking for sign of strawberries today. Total wishful thinking, but the temps are in the mid-60s, so why not. Love this.


Adelaide said...

Thanks Bill and Warren,

Actually, young dandelions, before flowers, make a tasty salad with olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. My mother used to pick the ones that grew in our yard. I could market the ones I could get from my property if I had the energy to pick them.


janetld said...

I can relate! (Smile.)

A couple of days ago, when I was out walking, I noticed an intriguing flower on the side of the road. I got closer and discovered it was a dandelion (or at least something akin to one)! The bloom was flesh-colored, and it looked somehow alien.

In one of my beds I have a large clumpt of what I've finally decided must be "weeds" of some sort (I had originally thought they were my Missouri primrose returning). They're about to bloom, so I'm going to leave them indefinitely.

janetld said...

I keep screwing up my posts here. Am trying again ...

I can relate. (Smile)

Found a most unusual-looking bloom on the side of the road the other day; discovered it was a dandelion. A flesh-colored bloom that looked alien.

Adelaide said...

Hi Janet.

Some weeds are attractive if they flower. Some call them weeds, other call them wildflowers.


Gillena Cox said...

this is lovely; i experienced dandelions in London years ago, while on a vacation;

my first flower experience for this 'Easter season' were orange lilies in my garden some folks call them coco lilies; dont know of a botanical name

much love...

Adelaide said...

We get orange lillies in mid-summer. I have a few in my garden, yellow lillies and a few red ones.

Thanks for visiting.


maggie said...

Oh, how I know this feeling ... walking the perimeter of my garden each day looking for new signs of life. If only I could get rid of the poison ivy!

Adelaide said...

Hi Maggie,

Thanks for visiting. Poison ivy and I have an ongoing battle. I am alergic to it and can get a rash with the slightest touch.