Thursday, September 13, 2012


                               Late Summer Haiku

                                 top of the ridge
                                 distant cow bells
                                 behind the wind

                                 the cicadas' whine
                                 always in the tree
                                 just ahead

                                 neighbors shouting
                                 from the wild grapes
                                 multiple bird calls

Modern Haiku, no. 1, 1976
Riverbed Haiku, Autumn 2008
Pipe Dreams, 9/2011

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Frank... said...

A lovely sequence, Adelaide. The third haiku makes me feel that winter is not far off...

Warren said...

I especially like the first one, Adelaide - but all three shine forth, m' dear.


Bill said...

Excellent. I especially like the second one. l

Adelaide said...

Frank, Warren and Bill...

Many thanks to all of you.