Friday, July 20, 2012


                                     stick bug
                                     its camouflage useless
                                     on a white wall
                                     like my love
                                     clear and open
Moonbathing, winter 2011
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Frank... said...

A very nice haiga, Adelaide. Probably a colour blind stick bug?...

Adelaide said...

Probably was, Frank. I never would have seen it if it were on a tree and not on the side of the house. Thanks for stopping by.


Bill said...

And the first 3 lines make a nice haiku Lines 1 & 3 with an added jux (maybe derived from lines 4 & 5, could work, too.

But I like it as is.

Adelaide said...

Thanks Bill. Maybe I'll write a couple of versions of this.


janetld said...

Very nice. Like your stick bug tanka w/photo!!

We've got a lot of these "walkingsticks" at our place. Found one on the side of our house a few weeks ago and, coincidentally, wrote a tanka about it.

Good blog! (Am spending a few minutes perusing blogs this morning.)

janet l. d.

Adelaide said...

Hi Janet,

Happy to have a new viewer of my blog. I'll be on the lookout for your tanka in journals and will check out your blog.