Saturday, May 19, 2012


                             stacking stones
                             for a garden wall
                             the weight of their age

Kaji Aso Studio contest May 2012, Honorable Mention
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Gillena Cox said...

congratulations; a really nice piece

much love...

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Gilllena.


Frank... said...

A lovely post, Adelaide. I like your treatment of the photo...

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Frank. Glad you stopped by.


Emma Dalloway said...

Hi Adelaide - thanks for dropping by the other day. This is great - I like that it can have 2 meanings.

Do you use photoshop? You might like trying the free textures on hundreds of sites on flickr - eg. these ones are wonderfully old fashioned:

Just make a new layer over your photoshop image, paste a texture, then select 'multiply' for that layer


Adelaide said...

Hi Emma,

Thanks for the information. I use Picassa. It's free. It was recently updated with new features so that now I can put in that fuzzy edge.