Saturday, February 11, 2012


                             sleet and snow falling-
                             before we leave, sage advice
                             from our children;
                             in this progression of life
                             when did we shift roles?

Ash Moon Anthology March 2008
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Frank... said...

Brrr looks cold. Roles do shift in life; very nice poem, Adelaide...

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Frank. It's a wise parent who can listen to his child.


Bill said...

this is fine as is, Adelaide, but stop after line 3, and you have a good senryu.

Adelaide said...

Hi Bill,

You're right. Thanks.


Gillena Cox said...

nice one Adelaide; guess it just sneaks up on you, then too you know you trained right

much love...

Adelaide said...

I guess we did train them right.

Thanks for visiting.