Saturday, April 30, 2011



An early spring day extending its promises. We drive along a twisting road through a nature preserve and park by a small pond. Not much greening up or growth yet. More to hear than to see. A croaking bullfrog, the shooshing of pines, sloshing water. We follow that sound along a narrow, rough path in the woods. Through thick trees a glimpse of something glittering, like sequins falling. The sun on water. A rain-filled creek, burbling over rocks. Along the bank a wooden deck with two Adirondack chairs.

                                                      breathing deeply–
                                                 past, present and future
                                                      tumble away
Haibun Today, December 2007


Gillena Cox said...

"burbling over rocks." love that oh so beautiful phrase

much love...

Magyar said...

"past, present and future
tumble away"

Living the moment.

Nice close... to that 'explorative haibun'. _m

Adelaide said...

Thank you Gillena and Magyar. I appreciate your comments.


Warren said...

Stunningly beautiful, Adelaide. This is one gorgeous haibun - you do yourself proud.


Adelaide said...

Thank you, Warren. This is one beautiful, quiet spot.