Thursday, August 19, 2010



We live on top of a hill with trees all around–in a ravine behind the house and in thick rows on the edges of the property. Dogwood, maple, locust, apple, oak, ash, birch, several variety of pine, and others I can’t name..

They speak to me all day, every day, in voices soft and sibilant, slurred and shushing, fierce and bold. They whisper, they crash and bang. They can snap and crack when covered with ice; they can sing lullabies when in full leaf.

the summer night
in the breeze stories told
before I sleep

frogpond, autumn 2009
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bandit said...

That is lovely-I thought the alliteration too much at first, but now I agree.
A wonderful concluding verse.

Adelaide said...

Thank you for your comments. Soon the trees will be as the photograph.


Warren said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Adelaide - We don't have the variety you do, mainly pine, aspen, cottonwood and the like. I envy you! This is a wonderful haibun, my dear.

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Warren. One attraction of living in a 4 season locale is the variety of trees and the change. It helps to make up for the days of high heat and humidity and freezing, gray days.


Frank... said...

An evocative haiga, Adelaide...

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Frank.


Dave Serjeant said...

This took me to another place - I really enjoyed it.

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Dave. Glad you stopped by.